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LED Lighting, Bass boat alarms and more.

The TackleSmith Bass Boat Alarms.                                             



The TackleSmith boat alarms are security can be purchased for the do-it-yourselfers or can be professionally installed by one of out techs. We do them with stealth installation which allows the integrity and look of your boat to stay intact. Our alarms come with a 1 year warranty this covers parts, labor, and material, however it will not cover water damage.

Please go to the webstore to purchase your new alarm system.

The boat alarms are not recommended to be activated with the boat in the water with the shock impact sensor activated do to the wake and items setting off the shock impact sensor, our alarms do however allow you to bypass the impact feature from the remote during arming and all compartments, rod boxes, etc. will still be protected.

We do include a step by step installation guide to aid in your installation and are available to answer any questions you may have if you choose to install the unit yourself, we do however recommend the alarm to be professionally installed. 

PACKAGE TWO FEATURES: (Two-Way Paging Boat Alarm)


1 x Five Button Remote

1 x Two-Way Interactive Paging Remote

1 x Impact Sensor (Bypass capability from Remote, if boat is in Water)

8 x Magnetic Reed Switches for Rod Boxes, Cargo Boxes, etc. these are sealed for long term reliability.

1 x Loud Multi Tone Siren

1 x Valet Over-Ride Switch

1 x Alarm Status Indicator LED

All instructions, wire, and connectors needed for installation

*Dual alarm capability for another boat, motorcycle, automobile, etc. (Must purchase a second security system)

The TackleSmith Price $249.99              

 Please go to the webstore to purchase your new alarm system.

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